Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Might Be a Redneck if you saw Jeff Foxworthy at the Airport

Yeah, I know, he's not Hannah Montana, but since I've never seen anyone famous before in my life (other than Jimmy Carter, i guess), I was shocked to see the famous stand-up comedian himself at the airport, in line behind me at the security checkpoint. I only heard two words from him (since I couldn't hear anything else he said), but once I heard "BRAD PITT?!" in his redneck voice (and I love this guy because he's hilarious), I knew it was the real deal. My dad's first response to this was trying to get me to get an autograph, but I didn't. I did see him giving a fist pound to some guy at the security checkpoint though. Ha ha. But all that moment needed was a "GIT-R-DONE" and it would've been perfect.

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