Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Review "Fast and Furious" and "He's Just Not That Into You"

"Fast and Furious" with Vin Diesel

Fast and Furious is without a doubt the best of the series. The first one had no plot, the second was just an excuse for Paul Walker to bore us all with his constant use of "bro," and the third degenerated into a "friends together forever" sort of thing. This one, thankfully, has none of that. The director was smart enough to put the spotlight correctly on Vin Diesel, who is still the gruff badass he always has been. Along with him comes the original cast of the first movie, and a cameo of a character from the third movie. The movie starts with one of the main characters being murdered. Hint: that character isn't Vin Diesel. But it is one of the four people advertised with the movie, and the whole plot revolves around Diesel trying to get revenge by taking down some drug lord in Mexico. This drug lord, called Braga, has the incredibly "original" idea of having street racers cart the drugs in between Mexico and the U.S. by going through a tunnel that looks like a clone copy of the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Diesel wins the race, and the rest of the movie is car chases, lesbian kisses, and brief moments where there are some guns. The guy who actually killed the main character i talked about earlier looks just like a Mr. T wannabe, and his entire role consists of him trying to taunt Diesel and be all threatening. I defenitely pity that fool. But other than that, it's a fun movie, though the ladies will definetley not like this. There's a lot of hot women wearig skimpy clothes.

Vin Diesel is the star here, nuff said. He's the only big name actor in this entire film, and he is in his element here. So watch this if you like Vin Diesel, because he's just as cool as ever.

Score: 7/10

"He's Just Not That Into You" with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johannson, and Jennifer Connelly

I was forced to see this yesterday, and ladies, it's much better than Sex and the City, though the same people who made that made this as well. It is for women only, though it's funny for both sexes, but it is so sexist towards guys that most guys would probably hate it. Ignore that, and it's kind of funny. The whole point of the film is that guys are total jerks, and that they do al sorts of bad things to women. Though that can be true, it pushes this point way more than they should. Several people who are having problems with their love lives have their lives connected. That's the plot.To make it easier, Ben Affleck is datin Jennifer Aniston who works in the same place Jennifer Connelly works who's married to Ben's friend, who is friends with a guy who is in love with Scarlett Johannson, who is in love with Ben Affleck's friend, who knows Drew Barrymore, and sleeps with Scarlett, who messes up his marriage with Connelly, who knows a woman who is getting love advice from Justin Long (weird movie for him to be in), who is roommates with the friend of Ben Affleck's friend, who is getting help from Drew Barrymore with his job, who is helping Scarlett with her love life. That's the basic plot, and it's a lot less confusing than it sounds. Also, Aniston wants Ben to marry her but he won't. Barrymore is checking out guys on MySpace (which her literally gay colleagues tell her is the "new booty call"). Connelly is trying to catch her husband (the guy interested in Scarlett) smoking. A last thing before I move on, in the end, three of these characters are single and alone.

For one thing, the only problems with this are the things you notice about the actors. Jennifer Aniston looks old, in contrast to the "ever young" Ben Affleck, who doesn't have a single wrinkle. Drew Barrymore has almost no screen time. Scarlett Johannson's character is interested in a married guy who looks like his in his mid-forties, and also wears a lot of makeup. Little things ike that are the problems. Scarlett Johannson is the only person in this film who's actually sexy and younger. The movie is about a bunch of middle-aged folks doing stuff. If you like that, this movie is for you. Thank God it's funny, because that's the only thing saving it from a bad grade.

Score: 6/10

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