Monday, September 28, 2009

Movie Review "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past"

"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," with Matthew McConaughey (how the hell do you spell his last name?), Jennifer Garner (OH SNAP), and Michael Douglas

Wow, not only do the tween girls have their crappy rom-com of the year (17 Again, check out the review of the Zac Efron movie I was FORCED to watch), but now the middle-aged women (meaning my mother) have theirs in this. However, the tween girls win out not because 17 Again is better than this, but because at least they'll probably like it.

In a sad attempt to try to have a "different" concept, Matthew McSomething actually has a role that fits him perfectly: a womanizing cheating dick. He breaks up with three women at once via teleconference. HA HA, he uses technology. He's also just as stupid as other characters he's done, except instead of being a redneck, he's a city boy redneck. So anyways, he goes off to his brother's wedding rehersal, promptly ruins it, and then hallucinates three ghosts (along with a ghost of his dead uncle, Michael Douglas), who make him a "good person." Yay.

Now, Matthew McSomething can do a good job in movies. His role in Tropic Thunder actually made me respect him for once. But this movie is both where he belongs, and what kind of movie he should stop doing. Oddly enough, whenever he doesn't do a rom-com, it's actually good. But this movie is not only inaccurate (it tries to give woman advice which doesn't even work), but also just plain dumb. Jennifer Garner is exactly the same, if you've seen any of her movies other than this (Daredevil).

And that's it. Other than some SMOKING HOT women wearing lingerie, this movie isn't anything good. Not even the middle-aged women will like this. Maybe you should've seen Transformers instead.

Score: 4/10

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